What clients say about Jenny Fairbank

“Jenny Fairbank is amazing! When I first met with her I was in a very difficult time in my life. She was able to tap into parts of my inner being that I never knew existed. Through the methods she provided I became more empowered, self-motivated, self-aware, and now have more joy in my life. She is a true talent and God knew what he was doing by sending me this angel.”

Joshua Dye, Austin, TX

“I have tried many mindfulness resources, which did not help me in the slightest. They were all one size fits all. A standard sequence of meditation/breathing exercises of a list of suggestions/anecdotes. Then I started mindfulness therapy with Jenny Fairbank. She has a holistic process of analyzing my situations and my needs. Based on which, Jenny provides me simple yet effective tools to improve the quality of my life. Jenny is insightful, lucid, and highly practical. More importantly, she is kind, encouraging, and compassionate. Her patient guidance has helped me immensely. Not just with focus, but also with being kind to myself and handling different emotional states positively. It has been a highly positive and transformational experience for me.”

Paari Sivaprakasam, Austin, TX

“It's my pleasure to review Foundations For Living Mindfully. This is a truly remarkable business with the only intention to make people's life better through compassion for self, yoga and one to one mindfulness training / talk therapy. Unlike many yoga studios that are designed to make you endure nearly unbearable heat (ahem Bikram) this mellow family like environment has many levels to choose from and melting is not a requirement. As a person devoted to "getting my shit together" meeting one to one with Jenny Fairbank has been an instrumental...a hearty "Thank You".”

Mathew H., Austin, TX

I had the privilege of hearing Dr Bessel Van der Kolk, a leading expert in the field of Psychiatry, PTSD, and trauma, speak at Barry University in Florida.  Mindfulness and the use of yoga as a way to connect the brain and body are tools Van der Kolk is now advocating for. Everything he spoke about was mentioned in the book. Foundations For Living Mindfully is presented in such a way that it helps to clarify how all the seemingly unrelated parts of ourselves need to be acknowledged. In using the exercises and tools as described in this book, a person can experience acceptance of what is without judgement. We no longer have that need to stay frantically busy. We are able to focus on what we choose without distraction. Lastly, no matter what our external circumstances look like, we can mimic the old adage "it is well with my soul."
Thank You for this book!

NN V., Miami, FL

“I went to see Jenny because I was having difficulty living the way I desired. I had weekly face to face sessions with her. We talked about mind, body, emotions, and behavior. She presented a clear and easy-to-incorporate way for me to balance out these areas of my life, according to my personality type. This was unbelievably helpful. We did a lot of this during meditation. Jenny showed me awesome ways to meditate and gave me recorded meditations to do at home. I did a ten minute meditation daily. Very simple, short, and easy to do. I am parenting a toddler, I needed easy, and short! 
I really cannot describe how much Jenny and her cornerstone mindfulness program has improved my way of living. I was really suffering and holding on to a lot of pain from past experiences. Jenny helped me to see that at any time, I have the power to let that stuff go. I can feel peace in any situation. I can be aware of my emotions, behaviors, body and mind despite anything happening outside of me. I can choose my experience! She helped me to discover the power inside my self. After every session with her I felt lighter and more full of peace and joy. 
I am so grateful to Jenny and plan on continuing to check in with her. I very highly recommend anyone reading this to give her a call. She is a wonderful human being, easy to talk with, and has practical solutions that anyone can do and will foster more awareness and peace in your life and those around you.”

Grace T., Austin, TX

“Jenny's energy is infectious and sessions with her have been life-changing for me. She creates such a trusting and safe environment, I have been able to open up and discuss things and truly work through them. It's a practice that I would recommend for everyone.”

Christine H., Austin, TX

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Jenny Fairbank. She introduced me into Meditation and self love. She's a wonderful, caring person who helped me tremendously and has definitely change my life.”

Rio P., Austin, TX