The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn is an expansive large modern building with beautiful hardwood floors, large windows, and hand-crafted sliding entry doors. The space has a treatment room with a comfortable massage table and a full bathroom. You can also roll up a wall of awnings to take in an indoor-outdoor experience on a beautiful day. The Yoga Barn comes fully equipped with yoga mats, blocks, straps, meditation cushions, blankets, back-jacks, and folding chairs for up to 15 students.

Step right out the door of the Yoga Barn to our Grotto Kitchen, a partially covered patio area with a built-in stone BBQ grill, small refrigerator, sink, and plenty of counter top space for preparing food. The Grotto Kitchen has lounge chairs to relax and a large rustic wood dining table with fourteen chairs. Ambient lighting over a trellis in the dining area creates an intimate gathering space.

Customize your own retreat. We provide special retreats just for you or your group. Come for a couple of days or stay a week to unplug and reconnect with yourself and nature. You or your group can book yoga classes for any level, private mindfulness sessions, and/or yoga therapy. We also offer various types of massage, Reiki energy sessions, acupuncture treatments, and other bodywork. Be sure to pre-book these special treatments. We can provide a list of licensed professional service providers upon your advance request.

Mantra Mondays: Weekly Meditation & Yoga

This amazing weekly Monday group Meditation and Yoga class is based in the ancient techniques of yoga philosophy - a technique for letting go of distracting thoughts and promoting a state of relaxed awareness.

During the meditation and yoga, you learn to sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and silently repeat a mantra. A mantra is a word or sound from the Vedic tradition that is used to focus your concentration. One of the goals of yoga meditation is for your ordinary thinking process to be “transcended” - to be replaced by a state of pure consciousness. In this state, you achieve perfect stillness, rest, stability, order, and a complete absence of mental boundaries. Combined with the deep stretching of yoga, this practice is powerfully transformative physically, mentally, and energetically.

$20/per person, per 90 minute class