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Welcome to Ruby Retreats at Camino Ranchito where you can join us for mediation, yoga classes, and retreats – or create a special retreat of your own. Camino Ranchito is nestled in the Texas Hill Country offering 100 acres of scenic views, mature oaks, lit walking paths, hiking trails, and a variety of natural habitat. We offer lodging for individuals and groups - including the entire property with enough advance notice.

Ruby Retreats can arrange to provide delicious vegetarian meals from 4th Street Bistro in Blanco accommodating those with food allergies and dietary restrictions. With prior arrangements, you may bring in your own food, onsite chef, or food trucks. We have fully equipped kitchens and grilles. 

Our Yoga Barn is a large air-conditioned modern space with hardwood floors, a treatment room with massage table, and full bathroom. Special awnings can be rolled up to provide an indoor/outdoor experience. This peaceful and beautiful space is equipped with yoga mats, blocks, straps, meditation cushions, blankets, back-jacks, and folding chairs for up to 15 students. Step just outside the Yoga Barn to our Grotto Kitchen and dining area with a partially covered limestone patio and grille, small refrigerator, a sink and plenty of counter space for food preparation. Comfy lounge chairs and a large dining table with fourteen chairs under soft trellis lighting creates a cozy, intimate feel.

At Camino Ranchito, you will find plenty of quiet spaces to surround yourself in nature. A beautiful hike to Nardita’s Sunset Tower provides a 360 degree scenic view with a large limestone circular fire pit for yoga practice, meditation, and fire ceremonies. The Camino Creek flows seasonally over a waterfall limestone dam. Sitting areas are spread throughout the Ranchito to meditate, contemplate, and enjoy the natural habitat. Our eight friendly cows graze the land. Unwind from your busy life as you step into a slower pace in a nurturing and healing environment of afternoon breezes, wild birds chirping, and water gurgling over the dam after a good rain.

Meditation & Yoga Retreat
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Enjoy a weekend of practicing meditation and yoga with Jenny. Tap into a higher consciousness and connect with your inner peace.

Mindfulness Therapy
Private and Group Sessions

Awaken your true self with a powerful mind, body, and soul experience in the beautiful Central Texas Hill Country. Free yourself from the outside world and dive into your inner self through private or group work with Jenny.

Day & Weekend Retreats
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Book your own special private retreat with friends, family, or host a corporate event. We can customize the perfect experience for you.


 About Jenny Fairbank

I am passionate about teaching the true essence of yoga and spirituality. I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, here to awaken to our true divine nature. For almost 2 decades I’ve been studying and practicing the art and science of yoga. Based on my experience I’ve come to understand that the way to true inner growth is through meditation.

There are many ways to meditate. I teach classical yoga meditation, yoga postures, and mindfulness therapy to individuals, couples, and groups. I’ve co-authored 2 workbooks - Foundations for Living Mindfully, and Business Mindfulness Training and have a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh.

With over 20 years of experience working to help my clients live their best life, I invite you to join me in the beautiful hill country of Wimberley, Texas, for a mindfulness and spiritual retreat that will empower, awaken, and transform your soul.