Meditation is an inner practice of stilling the mind to awaken your true self.


Meditation is the foundation of my work.

I first started practicing yoga over 20 years ago. At that time I was a certified personal trainer and an avid long distance runner. At first yoga felt too ‘easy’ (My first class was restorative yoga at 22 years old). A few years later I found a teacher that changed my perception and experience of yoga. I became hooked on the practice. Within a short time I took my first teacher training and began teaching yoga classes. At the beginning, meditation was just a side note in my mind. A few years later, while studying Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, my mentor encouraged me to meditate daily - It was actually a requirement in the program. Being that I have high energy and love to move my body, learning to settle my nervous system to sit in stillness seemed impossible, but I was determined.

Many years later, and after much study, I am teacher of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and an author with a masters degree in Social Work. I now have over 20 years of experience working to help my clients live their best life. Teaching meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices is my life’s purpose. To Empower. Awaken. And Transform lives.

Join me for a retreat at Ruby Retreats in Wimberley, Texas, to unlock your true potential and share in the joys of meditation and yoga.

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Watch Jenny explain the powers of meditation at her TEDx presentation: